Instructions for e-filing of CST Declaration Forms
1. Login using Userid and Password as used during any e-service login such as e-filing of VAT return .
2. Download Zip File and Save.
3. Logout.
4. Unzip the zip file and you will get
A folder containing icons.
A folder containing XML Files.

A folder containing Excel templets.

An Executable .JAR file
5. Double click the .JAR file. The requisition form will be opened.
6. Select the form type for which you want to give the requisition.
7. Fill up the form. If you want extra row then click on 'Add Row' button.
8. If you have properly filled excel templets then you can import the data into the requisition form.
9. After filling all the records click on the export to XML button. If there is no error then it creates XML files.Save the file.
10. Login again using Userid and Password.
11. Upload XML Files and print the Application Receipt.
12. For submission of utilisation Login again.
13. Select the Form Type to submit utilisation
14. System will generate a form which will display your requisition data. Along with this there will be 3 extra fields(Date of issue,Series,Serial No.) for which you have to enter the information.
15. After filling the 3 fields click the submit button.
16. Print the Acknowledgement receipt for utilisation.


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